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Carien Human is a bilingual counselling psychologist in Linden, Johannesburg, who provides psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families. She can also assist you with playtherapy and assessments as well as parental guidance.

Her therapeutic approach is eclectic although she prefers to use Gestalt therapy, Existentialism and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Your therapy will be exclusively designed to suit your needs and personality.

Parental guidance assists parents with effective discipline techniques and structure for their children. It also contributes to a better therapeutic experience for the child.

In career counselling and subject choice assessments Carien focuses on a holistic approach that combines personality, interest, aptitude and job opportunities available.

Carien doesn’t see herself as the expert that makes decisions about your life. She regards therapy as a journey where she looks for solutions and healing with you. A journey to make sense of the world.



Practice number  PR0860020483435


Registration number  PS 0119563